The active ingredient in Tempo insecticides is beta-cyfluthrin which offers a lower AI no odor and less visible residue. Applications of Tempo exhibit fast knockdown yet have demonstrated residual control for up to 30 days depending on rainfall and irrigation. This insecticide controls a wide range of pests in turf and ornamental plants: Turf Pests: Annual Bluegrass Weevil (adult), Ants, Armyworms, Black turfgrass, ataeuius (adult,) Bluegrass billbug (adult), Chinch bugs, Cutworms, Fleas, Grasshoppers, Sod webmorms, Ticks (including deer ticks). Ornamental Pests: Aphids Armyworms Bagworms Cutworms Fungus gnats Japanese beetles (adult) Lace bugs Scale insects (crawlers) Thrips Webmorms Whiteflies.

Active Ingredient: Beta-Cyfluthrin