Solufeed Temag HPE Key Points
• Contains unique Harpin technology
• Fully chelated micronutrient package
• Increased plant growth & chlorophyll production.
• High chelated iron content
• Low water volumes for foliar uptake.
Solufeed Temag HPE is a water-soluble chelated iron and fully chelated micronutrient package with elevated magnesium. It also contains ‘Harpin Plant Elicitor’ (HPE) helping turf to combat stresses caused by a variety of sources. The soluble formulation works synergistically with Harpin to provide the building blocks that allow increased photosynthesis and chlorophyll production. Harpin Plant Elicitor. In nature the Harpin protein is produced by Erwinia amylovora a bacterium that causes the disease Fire Blight in apples and pears. This protein was isolated and a commercial variant identical to the natural strain was produced. Harpin is a plant elicitor which works by stimulating the plant to grow better whilst under the effects of stress disease or nematode damage. Harpin does not directly affect a pathogen nor does it enter the plant rather it binds to receptors on the plant leaf and thereby triggers physiological processes within the plant itself. These processes constitute the natural defence mechanism of the plant referred to as ‘systemic acquired resistance’ (SAR) and provide proven protection against plant pathogenic fungi and nematodes. Enhanced Plant Health and Nematode Suppression Harpin has been trialled in a variety of crops as well as turfgrass against the action of nematodes. Although the exact mechanism has not been clearly identified application of Harpin is linked to enhanced plant physiology providing growth benefits under the effect of numerous species of nematodes including Stunt Root-Knot Spiral Sting and Cyst.

Active Ingredient: Harpin + Micronutrients