Everris Sierraform GT K-Step is a revolutionising high performance micro granular fertiliser designed for use in fine turf throughout the year. The individual granules each contains conventional and slow release technology to provide a consistent and sustained release pattern.

Nitrogen is the key nutrient for driving growth in a plant. Potassium ensures that your turf is even more resilient to external stresses. A sufficient quantity of Nitrogen and Potassium is released immediately after application, so that the plant can make use of it straight away.

Benefits of Everris Sierraform GT K-Step:
Longevity: 6-8weeks
Turf Response: 7days
Granule Dispersal: 2-3days
Active at lower temperatures.
Slow release Nitrogen and Potassium for sustained performance
Even spread at an ultra-low rate applications (20g/m²)
Granules break down and disperse rapidly
Low MU content for quick reaction in cooler conditions.
Encourages healthy balanced growth at start of season.
Phosphate free formulation aids management of soil Phosphorus build-up.

How to Apply

Apply to dry foliage and irrigate after 1-2 days if no rain has fallen. Irrigation will aid dispersion and minimise any risk of mower pick-up on close mown surfaces. Try avoiding applications during frosty or drought conditions.

Delay verti-cutting and/or grooming for 3 days after application to allow the granules to disperse.

Nitrogen release is significantly slowed down when soil temperatures are less than 10°:

Watering-in after application will minimize foot printing risk.