Nitrogen is the key nutrient for driving growth in a plant. Potassium ensures that your turf is even more resilient to external stresses. A sufficient quantity of Nitrogen and Potassium is released immediately after application, so that the plant can make use of it straight away.

Benefits of ICL Sierraform GT Anti-Stress:

– Longevity: 6-8weeks
– Turf Response: 7days
– Granule Dispersal: 2-3days
– Active at lower temperatures.
– Slow release Nitrogen and Potassium for sustained performance
– Even spread at an ultra-low rate applications (20g/m²)
– Granules break down and disperse rapidly
– Low MU content for quick reaction in cooler conditions.
– Encourages healthy balanced growth at start of season.
– Phosphate free formulation aids management of soil Phosphorus build-up.