Easy-to-use on-off trigger. Ergonomic design reduces wrist fatigue vs. other hand-held models. Rust-proof plastic hopper and agitator. How To Use: Adjust rate control to obtain desired amount of product. Do not pull trigger while filling hopper. Always fill the spreader on sidewalk or driveway (never on the lawn) and move to the starting point on lawn. Start spreader in motion by rotating crank clockwise and pulling trigger. Release trigger to stop spreader. To avoid misses or heavily covered strips make each pass 1.22 m. (4 ft.) from the previous one. Operate the spreader the longest direction of the lawn. First apply two header strips across each end to provide turning space. Turn off the spreader before coming to a complete stop. Keep the spreader off while backing or turning to avoid waste and possible lawn injury from over-application. Shut off the spreader just before getting to the trunk of a tree start the spreader in motion on the other side then turn and continue with the spreading pattern.