What makes RESPOND 3 Concentrated Wetting and Penetrating Agent so successful is its three-in-one mode of action: It contains an advanced penetrant, a more concentrated spreader plus an improved re-wetting agent. This combination gives RESPOND 3 the advantage over other products and provides the deep consistent moisture throughout the root zone that is critical to turf quality. RESPOND 3 also contains 100% active ingredients which means this premium product is more economical in the long run than comparable wetting agents and offers even greater flexibility of application. RESPOND 3 is the most versatile product on the market. It can be used weekly or monthly on a managed program or applied at high dose rates for curative purposes or to provide season-long control if desired. Season-long control for northern climates are achieved with a single application while southern climates require multiple applications to achieve season-long control. RESPOND 3 is available in both liquid and granular formulations as well as a tablet for hose-end application.