Osmocote is the original brand of controlled release fertilizer. First introduced in the 1960s Osmocote quickly became the very first Other companies have tried to match it but Scotts research and development has kept Osmocote Classic on the cutting edge of fertilizer technology. High-performance Osmocote Classic accurately delivers the selected balance of nitrogen phosphorous and potassium in each individual prill. Formulated for greenhouse nursery and landscaping applications Osmocote Classic gives growers unmatched control and flexibility. How Osmocote Works? Every prill consists of a water-soluble nutrient granule coated with a thin semi-permeable resin. This coating controls the release of nutrients according to changes in soil temperature. More nutrients are released during warmer active growing periods and less in cooler inactive periods. Osmocote does not contain urea. Each prill contains the optimum balance of readily absorbed Nitrogen Phosphorus and Potassium which are being released together to promote greener healthier plants. Formula Available: 14-13-13 18-11-10 9-14-19+3MgO 15-10-12+TE (Osmocote Plus)