Release 9-0-1 C combines organic compounds and 10% micronized liquid carbon. This proprietary nutrient package with liquid carbon increases the health of your soil, delivering long-term residual benefits not available in any other fertilizer. Mirimichi Green uses patent-pending nanotechnology, so the organics, carbon, nutrients, and trace elements are less than 400 Dalton size, enabling immediate uptake through roots, leaves, and soil. Release 9-0-1 C improves the performance of fertilizers, biostimulants, insecticides, fungicides,  and herbicides.

Turf and Lawns
Spray or Drench 2-9 ounces per 1000 SF.

Plants and Flowers
Standard – Dilute 1 ounce with 50 ounces of water to Drench and 1 ounce with 100 ounces of water for foliar application.

Tree Applications
1-4 ounces per DBH or caliper.

Soil Conditioning for existing soils
Drench 3-6 ounces per 1000 SF into soil.

Hydro-seeding Application
Incorporate 1/2 gallon to 5 gallons per acre into slurry.

Foliar Application
Apply 2-4 oz with a minimum of 1/4 gallon of water per 1000 SF.