Garden Galore (pelletise sheep manure) is an organic pelletised fertiliser, as well as a soil conditioner that can be used in all garden situations to build body in the soil and add valuable nutrients to plants. Garden Galore is 100% organic and unique in the fact that it contains good source of fast and slow release of Nitrogen and Phosphorus which is essential for plants with longer growing period.

When the pellets come in contact with the soil, they absorb moisture both from the soil and rain, then swell and breakdown into fine particles of manure. The fine particles are carried down into the soil to provide an essential blend of plant nutrients and trace elements.
The pellets contain a small proportion of wool which acts as an excellent conditioner.
It can be used on all plants with no fear of root burn. Suitable for use on ornamentals and fruit trees, shrubs, roses, orchids and vegetables.