Fusilade (1 Litre)

Fusilade is a highly effective and rapidly absorbed selective herbicide designed to control both annual and perennial grasses. Fusilade Forte maintains all the benefits of FUSILADE FC plus the unique ‘isolink’ surfactant system. Recommended Uses: Fusilade controls a large number of grasses in a wide range of situations.
Advantages of Fusilade Forte: proven performance over many years compatible with a range of products including AGRAL contains the unique isolink surfactant system Fusilade: even faster absorbtion into the leaf powerful post-emergent grass weed control wide crop registration high level of crop safety rainfast in 1 hour controls a wide range of both annual grasses and some important perennial grasses flexible application timing stops weed growth in two days use in a program to control Couch grass – Double. Knock with SPRAY.SEED