Breakthru belongs to the group of trisiloxane surfactants which are capable of reducing the surface tension of water to about 22 mN/m. Such a low surface tension allows the rapid coverage and penetration of cuticular waxes and generates a phenomenon known as stomatal flooding. This is the almost immediate entrance of the liquid into the naturally occurring openings in all plant surfaces. This rapid penetration translates into rainfastness since delivery of the pesticide into the plant has been insured and a later rainfall cannot dislodge the residue. Spray coverage is so enhanced as compared to water alone that spray volumes can actually be reduced by up to 30 %. Significant economies can be achieved as less water is required per area thereby either reducing energy cost or extending the area treated by a single spray tank.

Active Ingredients : Polyether-Polymethylsiloxane-Copolymer 100%