Consan Turf is a contact fungicide and algaecide used for the control of fungal and algal pathogens on fine sports turf grasses. These fungal disease include dollar spot (Sclerotinia), fusarium blight (Fusarium), leaf spot (Helminthosporium), brown patch (Rhizoctonia), fading-out (Curvularia), pythium, fairy ring, rust, toad stools, and algae on sports turf.
Treatment is required during the warm growing season and may be made when the turf is dry or damp, but not during wet rainy weather.

For use on golf courses and other recreational turf
Controls algae, brown patch, pythium, dollar spot, fusarium blight, rust, fading out, fairy ring, toad stools and leaf spot
Environmentally safe, biodegradable, completely water soluble and non-phytotoxic in most cases.