Compressed nutrient-rich tablets supply all the nitrogen, phosphorus and potash needed by trees and horticulture plants for two years after transplanting. Also contain magnesium sulfur and iron. Greater amounts of nutrients are released during the active growing season when bacterial activity is greatest. Very little is released during the cool dormant season. Seedling roots mass around the tablet to absorb released nutrients allowing less fertilizer to leach away. Convenient tablets make it easy to control the amount of fertilizer and prevent seedlings from being “burned.” Tablets are available in 21-gram sizes. Suitable for aboriculture and nursery. For general landscaping with 1-gallon size plants and larger nursery stock. Also use for long-term feeding of young established trees and shrubs.

Use one tablet for transplanting 1-gallon size plants two tablets for 5-gallon size plants and three to five tablets for 7-gallon size plants. For established trees and shrubs use one tablet per 1/2” trunk diameter. Carton of 500 Tablets.