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  • This unique granular formulation designed to increase the efficiency of the major nutrient program and to maximize plant growth by boosting micronutrient levels in the root zone.
  • 100 % Polyon. Polyon® Controlled-Release Fertilizers, with their trademarked GREEN color, give a professional all the things you want from a fertility program: consistent, predictable feeding that lasts for months with one application.
  • Custom-blended Harrell’s Profertilizer® starts with the latest advanced release technologies - some with POLYON® Controlled-Release Fertilizer, followed by up to 175 ingredient options, double and triple-screened for the finest blends. Harrell's technicians sample every batch and supervise each bag of your order for quality control ensuring the best product. Consistent prill size, Harrell's Profertilizer® will spread evenly - with no streaking - for consistent growth all season long.
  • This fertilizer is a 1:3 ration. Crops with too much nitrogen in the soil produce a lot of foliage and not as much of the actual crop. Low-nitrogen fertilizers can help plants focus on producing their fruits rather than their leaves. Veggies with low amounts of nitrogen in their fertilizers produce more antioxidants than veggies with a lot of nitrogen. Nitrogen levels can also affect the taste of plants. Although herbs grow best in somewhat fertile soils, too much nitrogen makes them leggy and less flavorful. This reduced flavor is because leggy herbs have a lower concentration of essential oils. Too much nitrogen can also cause a plant to grow more leaves than flowers.
  • ProMag® 36 is a unique non-burning combination of magnesium sources in dust free micro-prill form, to provide both immediate magnesium response and longer term magnesium availability in one product. USES :- ProMag 36 is useful in a wide variety of applications including greens and fairways, specialty turf and garden requirements, and specialty ornamental and tropical plant needs. ProMag 36 can be applied directly to the treatment areas and is compatible when mixed with other nutrient sources.