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  • Bounceback is applied to new or established crops as alternative applications to manures & composts. This organic fertilizer is cost effective, provide consistent uniform nutrient application, are easy to handle & spread & most importantly, are produced in a controlled manner. This is a fully organic based product and comply with Australian BFA certification process. AVA approved.
  • Rapid Raiser is to be applied to new or established crops as alternative applications to manures & composts. They are cost effective provide consistent uniform nutrient application are easy to handle & spread & most importantly are produced in a controlled manner. A purely organic based product that comply with Australian BFA certification process. AVA Approved.
  • Nitrogold high concentrated liquid plant food promotes healthy growth in all plants. Being organically enriched with blood and bone, this liquid fertilizer makes an ideal fertiliser for all indoor and outdoor plants. It promotes healthy growth in established plants and induce seed germination. Nitrogold is readily absorbed into the leaves as well as the soil and enhances soil fertility by stimulating robust bacterial activity.
  • Garden Galore is a revolutionary organic fertilizer and soil conditioner. The organic matter in Galore makes both sandy and clay soils easier to work by improving the structure of the soil. Soil structure influences aeration and permeability and has a major effect on the growth of plant roots. The wool fibres present in Galore are not only a slow release source of nitrogen they also act s a soil conditioning agent. Galore is also an excellent food source for soil bacteria and fungi and for earthworms. Bacteria and fungi are essential for the breakidown of plant residues in the soil and earthworms have beneficial effects on soil aeration water-holding capacity and nutrient availability. HOW TO USE IT Flower and Vegetable Gardens New Gardens To use as a base dressing apply Garden Galore evenly at a rate recommended on the bag to the plant bed and fork light through the topsoil. Existing Gardens To use as a side dressing apply recommended amount of Garden Galore per plant. Spread evenly round the plant and lightly fork in. REMEMBER Garden Galore is completely organic so can be applied safely at any time and will not burn your plants. To gain top performance from your garden apply Garden Galore liberally during periods of active growth. Water plants after each Galore application. Trees & Shrubs and Rose Gardens Garden Galore is both a soil conditioner and a fertiliser so is great for both new and existing gardens. New Gardens To use as a base dressing apply recommended amount of Garden Galore per planting hole and mix thoroughly with the soil. Existing Gardens For shrubs and roses apply recommended amount of Garden Galore per plant forked lightly about the base. For trees apply recommended amount of Galore per plant. Apply in a ring around the plant halfway between the trunk and the drip-line and fork in lightly.
  • Greenery Molasses is the by-product of sugar refining that contains all the nutrients from the raw sugar cane plant. of the varieties of molasses Blackstrap Molasses is richest in sources of sugars carbon enzymes B-vitamins and trace elements. Blackstrap Molasses is a carbohydrate energy source that feeds soil microorganisms and increases microbial activity With continued applications Blackstrap Molasses encourages a soil environment that helps reduce thatch. Benefits of Blackstrap Molasses applications: Increase Plant health Increase Microbial Activity Increase Leaf Colour Decrease Thatch Improve Fertilizer Efficacy Blackstrap Molasses may be added to foliar sprays to enhance adhesion to leaf surfaces.
  • ProAct stimulates the natural growth and defense systems of crops, enhancing overall plant health. Healthier plants exhibit increased plant stamina and vigor, leading to one or more of the following benefits: suppression of nematode egg production, increased marketable yield, and enhanced quality.
  • BRANDT NOCULATE LIQUID is a proprietary microbial system containing beneficial soil microorganisms, humic acid and kelp designed to enhance the establishment of beneficial microbial populations.
  • Milorganite is one of the oldest branded fertilizers on the market. It’s composed of heat-dried microbes that have digested the organic matter in wastewater. Milorganite contains 85% organic matter, which promotes beneficial microbial activity in the soil and in turn improves the soil’s ability to nurture your garden. Milorganite’s iron enhances the color of your lawn throughout the feeding period. And it won’t stain your driveway or walkways!It is salt-free therefore won't burn your lawn, so you’ll never have to worry about streaking or burn spots.
  • Amino Gold consist of amino acids chelates that stimulate and activate but, most importantly, they simplify the protein building process for the plant and the energy saved can be utilised elsewhere. This organic fertilizer consist of ocean fish materials that is slowly decomposed, using a proprietary microbial blend, until the protein content is reduced to amino acids. The active components of the fish remain and the micro-organisms used in the process also remain in the end product. In fact, these organisms, which include valuable fungi species, serve to stabilise and protect the completed product during storage. Amino Gold is an ideal base for DIY fertilisers, due to the potential for amino acid chelation.
  • Release 9-0-1 C combines organic compounds and 10% micronized liquid carbon. This proprietary nutrient package with liquid carbon increases the health of your soil, delivering long-term residual benefits not available in any other fertilizer. Mirimichi Green uses patent-pending nanotechnology, so the organics, carbon, nutrients, and trace elements are less than 400 Dalton size, enabling immediate uptake through roots, leaves, and soil. Release 9-0-1 C improves the performance of fertilizers, biostimulants, insecticides, fungicides,  and herbicides. Turf and Lawns Spray or Drench 2-9 ounces per 1000 SF. Plants and Flowers Standard – Dilute 1 ounce with 50 ounces of water to Drench and 1 ounce with 100 ounces of water for foliar application. Tree Applications 1-4 ounces per DBH or caliper. Soil Conditioning for existing soils Drench 3-6 ounces per 1000 SF into soil. Hydro-seeding Application Incorporate 1/2 gallon to 5 gallons per acre into slurry. Foliar Application Apply 2-4 oz with a minimum of 1/4 gallon of water per 1000 SF.