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  • Borate is used to treat deficiencies in horticultural, pastoral and arable situations. Specifically applied as a starter fertiliser to brassica crops which are prone to having Boron deficiencies. Boron also promotes growth of palms during growing season and improve fibre formation. Boron is toxic to germinating seeds therefore should not be sown in direct contact with seed.
  • Brandt 0-0-25 is a highly soluble, concentrated nutrient solution that is beneficial to plant growth when applied as a properly timed foliar or soil application. This product should be used as part of a supplemental fertilizer treatment. Brandt 0-0-25 is compatible with most commonly used foliar pesticides, chemically neutral fertilizer and micronutrients. It is not recommended to use this product with surfactants or adjuvants that lower pH. Applications can be made through certain irrigation systems including, but not limited to, low volume systems and typical agricultural sprinkler systems. Do not tank mix this product with fungicidal copper products or apply the spray solution to plants that have been or will be treated with a fungicidal copper spray within 10 days of the planned application.
  • Phosphite 29 is pure Potassium Phosphite fertilizer solution that is manufactured in one step process by reacting Phosphorus Acid and Potassium Hydroxide in a patented high temperature rapid cooling process that preserves the maximum H3PO3 (Phosphorous Acid) form. This unique Phosphite 29 manufacturing process neither contains nor requires any H3PO3 preserving or solubility additives that are necessary in competitive products. As a result Phosphite 29 economically feeds and protects plants through superior Phosphorous Acid nutrition. Phosphite 29 is rapidly absorbed by plant blades for maximum nutritional benefits in order to prevent and correct nutrient deficiencies and to promote disease resistance. Note: With foliar applications phosphite ions are taken up directly by the plant foliage and may undergo a degree of conversion to phosphate ions or be utilized directly by the plant as phosphite ions. Do not mix with fixed copper or copper based fungicides if the pH of the spray solution is below 6.0 pH.
  • Nitrogold high concentrated liquid plant food promotes healthy growth in all plants. Being organically enriched with blood and bone, this liquid fertilizer makes an ideal fertiliser for all indoor and outdoor plants. It promotes healthy growth in established plants and induce seed germination. Nitrogold is readily absorbed into the leaves as well as the soil and enhances soil fertility by stimulating robust bacterial activity.
  • Horticulture crops particular perennials and fruit crops are most commonly susceptible to iron deficiency. This is of commercial importance in fruit trees like mandarins plum lemon grapes and in vegetables like tomato cucumber and bean. Other crops susceptible to iron deficiency include roses ornamentals and arable crops. Dissolvine E-Fe-13% is a product developed for usage on iron deficient soils with acid (to neutral) pH for iron deficient crops through foliar application and in hydroponic systems. Foliar application is recommended when the soil is neutral to alkaline or when soil application is impossible for other reasons.
  • Brandt GH Magnesium is a chelated secondary element for prevention and correction of nutrient deficiencies. It is not recommended to mix with phosphate fertilizers. To confirm compatibility be sure to do a jar test.
  • Calcium is a major component in the development of cell wall formation and structure. Calcium also helps in regulating nutrient uptake by the roots and movement through the plant. Green-T® Sugar Cal is a unique calcium source containing sorbitol also known as mannitol which creates a sugar calcium chelate. The chelating agent encapsulates the calcium ion. When used in a program with other nutrients Green-T Sugar Cal makes the other nutrients more available. This in turn improves plant health. It is not recommended to mix the Green-T® Sugar Cal with phosphate fertilizers.
  • Brandt Supreme Green is a Chelated fertilizer solution which increases both plant health and greening of sport turf grass. Foliar Nutrient Solution derived from urea, magnesium sulfate, ferrous sulfate and manganese sulfate.
  • Brandt GH Iron 5% is a chelated minor element for prevention and correction of nutrient deficiencies. Iron is involved in photosynthetic and respiration systems. It assists chlorophyll synthesis and is used as a reaction catalyst. In turf, iron produces a deeper green leaf blade.
  • MANNI-PLEX TRAFFIC is designed for turf application for the prevention and correction of potassium deficiency when used as part of a balanced fertility program. Silicon may enhance turf vigor (blade strength) for better green speeds and increased ability to withstand foot traffic.
  • BRANDT CONVERGE SRN 18-3-6 brings it all together in one highly efficient, foliar nutritional product. The fully chelated micronutrient package can be taken up either by foliar or soil absorption. The unique blend of ingredient provides instant greening to turfgrasses without rapid top growth.
  • Boron is essential in the development and growth of new tissue and fruit set. Boron 10% is a readily available source of Boron. it may be applied in water or mixed with most PFC liquid fertilizers micronutrients or pesticides.