• Solomon contains time tested Imidacloprid and Beta- Cyfluthrin in an innovative oil dispersion formulation. It has a combination of systemic and contact properties which gives quick knockdown and anti-feeding effects. It is thus a broad segment insecticide for sucking and biting pests. The oil dispersion based on O-TEQ formulation (patent protected) ensures better rain fastness, optimized retention and penetration activity. Active Ingredients:  Beta-Cyfluthrin 8.49% Imidacloprid 19.81%
  • Sanmite 20 WP is an insecticide-acaricide that can control a wide range of insects, including spiders, aphids, and thrips. It offers reliable action for eggs, larva, nymphs, and adult forms of insects. Active Ingredient:  Pyridaben 20.0% w/w
  • PREVATHON 50SC is a gastric and contact insecticide that works translaminar in the form of a white liquid that can be suspended in water to control armyworms, leaf miners, crop caterpillars, and false white pests on rice, chili, cabbage, long beans, onions. red beans, potatoes, soybeans, and tobacco.

    Active Ingredient:  250g/l chlorantraniriprole

  • Plenum 50 WG® provides powerful control against aphids and whiteflies. It delivers immediate crop protection through permanent feeding inhibition. Formulated with the active ingredient PYMETROZINE and water dispersible granules, Its 50 WG formulation provides consistent biological efficacy. It penetrates easily into the plant and acts by contact and ingestion and is translaminar and systemic and controls all stages of aphids and the mobile stages of the whiteflies. Active Ingredient: Pymetrozine 50.0% w/w
  • Ortus 5% SC is a type of pesticide that contains Fenpyroximate that acts by contact and stomach poisoning. Active Ingredient:  Fenpyroximate 5% w/w  
  • Moxam 250 SC is a long residual insecticide for the larvae control of billbug and African black beetle in turf and lawns.
    Active Ingredient:  250g/L Thiamethoxam
  • MOSPILAN® 3% EC is a neonicotinoid insecticide,  from the “neonicotinoid” group that acts by touch and poisons the stomach of pests. Mospilan 3% EC contains Acetamiprid which is used in the prevention and treatment of plant pests and diseases. Active Ingredient:  Acetamiprid 3% w/w  
  • Benevia® insecticide is an anthranilic diamide insecticide in the form of an oil dispersion formulation designed for foliar spray. Benevia® insecticide powered by Cyazypyr® active exhibits cross-spectrum action on several sucking and chewing insects. An early application of Benevia® insecticide in the crop life cycle helps the crop with a promising beginning and early crop establishment which paves the way for a superior yield and better crop quality. Active Ingredient:  Powered by Cyazypyr® active - 10.26% OD
  • Acephate 750 is a water soluble powder systemic and contact insecticide for the control of pests on crops. Active Ingredient:  Acephate (Organophosphate) 750 g/kg
  • Greenery's Lawn Worms, Beetles and Millipedes Killer is a low odor, ready-to-use dust that controls a wide range of garden pests.  This product is useful for the control of lawn worms, beetles, mole crickets, millipedes, ants, and earwigs in carpet grass, fields, and garden pots.
  • Gunnz is a systemic Termiticide that acts as a contact and stomach poison. This is a non-repellent termite that is suited for the control of termites, turf and ornamental pests. Active Ingredients: Imidacloprid 18.2% w/w Other Ingredients 81.8% w/w
  • Protect BT is an insecticide that contains bacterial spores and toxin crystals (delta-endotoxin) that will act when eaten by caterpillars. This toxin will attack the intestinal lining of the caterpillars. Active Ingredient : Bacillus Thuringiensis 15,000 I.U./mg

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