• Regent has contact activity on both chewing and sucking insects and controls Coleoptera, Lepidoptera, Diptera, Homoptera, Isoptera and Thysanoptera. It is registered on rice (seed treatment) and corn (soil treatment) with potential uses on cotton, sweet potato, bulb onion and potato. It is being studied for use against lygus bug on cotton and thrips in vegetables. Active Ingredient: Fipronil
  • Bounceback is applied to new or established crops as alternative applications to manures & composts. This organic fertilizer is cost effective, provide consistent uniform nutrient application, are easy to handle & spread & most importantly, are produced in a controlled manner. This is a fully organic based product and comply with Australian BFA certification process. AVA approved.
  • AgPowers 21/21/21+TE is manufactured from carefully selected, premium raw materials with macro and micronutrients.  They are completely water soluble with high and balanced macro and micro-nutrients contents. The cationic micronutrients such as Fe, Ca, Cu, Mn and Zn are in EDTA chelated forms while the B & Mo are in immediately available forms.   Benefits:- - Various formulae for various stages of plant growth, nutrients level according to plant needs. - Increases plants tissue turgidity, increase plant resistance to stress & diseases. - Improve fruit quality & shelf-life. - It can be applied dry, dissolved in water for drip system or for foliar spray. - It is compatible with insecticides or fungicides thus can be mixed in one spray.
  • Urea can be applied to soil as a solid or solution or to certain crops as a foliar spray. Its usage involves little or no fire or explosion hazard and has high analysis 46% N helps reduce handling storage and transportation costs over other dry N forms. Urea when properly applied results in crop yield increases equal to other forms of nitrogen. Available in Prilled and Powder form.
  • MKP presents a very highly efficient source of phosphorus and potassium for plants where nitrogen should be limited. This mainly occurs at early growing where plants needs very high P and K for establishment of root system. At productive stages, high PK nutrients will result in increaseed sugar content and crop quality in fruit crops. This fertilizer has high purity and full water solubility that makes it an ideal fertilizer to be applied to fertigation and also as a foliar fertilizer.
  • This water soluble form Magnesium Sulphate fertilizer is residue free and dissolve completely in water. Therefore it is mainly used as a foliar feed for horticultural crops. Magnesium Sulphate can be used to supplement magnesium deficiency in soil during peak demand. No leaf scorch occurs if the application is carried out in accordance with the recommended concentrations.
  • Ferrous sulphate is commonly used in turf/lawn culture as a moss killing agent. Iron deficiency in pasture & crops is rare – where there is a deficiency it is usually related to low pH and poor drainage. This fertilizer comes in water soluble form so can be sprayed onto marginally deficient crops when or sometimes used as a soil acidifying agent. Market gardeners often include Fe in mixes as it enhances the green colour in plant leaves.
  • Manganese Sulphate is used to address Mn deficiencies which are most common in peat soils. Manganese sulphate is also applied to soils or as a foliar application for cereal production where a history of Mn deficiency exists. This fertilizer comes in water soluble form which can use as a foliar feed to supply ready Manganese to plants.
  • Phosphite 29 is pure Potassium Phosphite fertilizer solution that is manufactured in one step process by reacting Phosphorus Acid and Potassium Hydroxide in a patented high temperature rapid cooling process that preserves the maximum H3PO3 (Phosphorous Acid) form. This unique Phosphite 29 manufacturing process neither contains nor requires any H3PO3 preserving or solubility additives that are necessary in competitive products. As a result Phosphite 29 economically feeds and protects plants through superior Phosphorous Acid nutrition. Phosphite 29 is rapidly absorbed by plant blades for maximum nutritional benefits in order to prevent and correct nutrient deficiencies and to promote disease resistance. Note: With foliar applications phosphite ions are taken up directly by the plant foliage and may undergo a degree of conversion to phosphate ions or be utilized directly by the plant as phosphite ions. Do not mix with fixed copper or copper based fungicides if the pH of the spray solution is below 6.0 pH.
  • Profenofos is a thiophosphate pesticide. It is a wide-spectrum insecticide with easy biodegradation and a high bioactivity for antitoxic pests. Selecron can be used to control pests in fruit trees and vegetables with an excellent effect on bollworms aphids and many other sucking insects. Active Ingredient: Profenofos
  • Initiator tablets provide enhanced growth and long lasting protection against the damage caused by various insects that attack containerised newly planted and established plants. The tablets are designed to be placed in the soil adjacent to plants for normal maintenance or in the planting hole during transplanting of seedlings so that the growing plant can take up the fertiliser. Can be used on a variety of different kinds of plants, for example, palms, azalea, eucalypts roses, and lillypillies.
  • Furadan® 3G is an insecticide-nematicide that provide proven protection against your crop-threatening pests. And that’s no small potatoes. Furadan 3G is absorbed through the roots and into the plant’s vascular system providing protection from above-ground foliar feeding insects as well as soil insects. Controls: Colorado Potato Beetle Flea Beetle Leafhopper Suppresses: WirewormActive Ingredient: Carbofuran
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