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  • This is paper glue trap that is odourless and is suitable for trapping rats in urban buildings food establishment wet markets.
  • The MasterLine® Rat Tray is designed for use by the professional who needs a dependable quality rat tray. It is easy to use and to dispose of and can be used in federally inspected meat and poultry establishments.
  • Nocurat WAX Blocks is a ready-for-use rodenticidal bait suitable to control mice and rats of any species. Active Ingredient : Difenacoum
  • Wendell Rodent Bait Station comes with a lockable tie supplied for extra safety and is suitable for use with most types of rodenticides. This box has been specially designed for professional pest control.  Easy to place the bait within one or two of the compartments and regularly check to replenish bait. Suitable to use with wax blocks, pastes and bait grain. For maximum attraction, use bait with rat and mouse lure, available in 30ml syringes.
  • Rats and Mice control engage the use of poisons, snap trap, metal trap etc…, which is very inhuman way for catching Rats and Mice. By using such methods the rats could die anywhere in the house and this could lead to lot of foul smell and pose series threat to our health. Wendell Rat & Glue Traps offer an easy, safe, environment friendly, alternative way to get rid of Rats and Mice. This trap is enhanced with Peanut Butter perfume to attract Rats and Mice, so there is no need to keep any other bait on the glue board.