Bed Bugs

  • Bedlam Insecticide is a powerful aerosol designed to control Bedbugs Lice And Dust Mites. • Bedlam kills bed bugs and THEIR EGGS. • Up to 2 week residual on wood ceramic surfaces and carpet. • Reduces bed bug egg hatch in both susceptible and some resistant strains of bed bugs. • For non-food areas of homes, hotels, apartments, nursing homes, schools and other commercial sites. • Water-based product and does not stain water-safe fabrics. • Non-irritating to humans and animals. Active Ingredient: MGK 264 Sumithrin
  • Redwood is a synthetic pyrethroid, residual insecticide with contact and stomach action, used for pest control in residences, Commercial and industrial area. INSECTS CONTROLLED Chinch Bugs Annual Bluegrass Weevils Bill Bugs Carpenter Ants Fire Ants Mole Crickets Fleas Mites Scorpions Ticks All species of lawn ants LABELED USES In and around homes Commercial and industrial buildings Recreational Areas Athletic Fields Lawns Landscape Ornamentals Livestock Poultry Houses
  • BB Alert Passive is small, cost-effective and simple-to-use. Placed in protected and out-of-sight locations, in close proximity to potential hosts, it provides a perfect harbourage for bedbugs. Once in position, the stand-alone detector requires no maintenance. Simply check the monitor when changing the bed linens. Such regular inspection for tell-tale defecated blood spots and cast nymphal skins provides early-stage warning of the presence of bed bugs and enables faster, more effective treatment at the site of the problem.
  • BB ALERT® Active is a bed bug detector and monitor, which acts as a warning system for potential bed bug problems. Bed bugs feed exclusively on warm-blooded animals (specifically, humans). The BB ALERT simulates the warmth and respiration people create and that bed bugs are drawn to, luring them into the trap. The replaceable detector is supplied in a sealed package and is activated when it is opened and exposed to the air. Upon being opened, the detector begins to generate heat and moisture, luring bed bugs into the monitor and catching them. BB ALERT is not intended to eradicate bed bug infestation, but to detect if there is a bed bug presence, which can often be hard because of the size of these small parasites. BB ALERT is ideal for hotels, homes and public dormitories to detect bed bugs early, so they can be addressed before turning into a big problem.
  • A safe, environmental friendly solution for exterminating bed bugs. BB ALERT® O2PM is an eco-responsible and pesticide-free product used for the removal of bed bugs from items such as mattresses, bed furnishings, clothing, and electronics such as televisions and laptop computers. Although bed bugs feed on the blood of humans, they do not live on their hosts, but prefer the safety of small cracks and crevices close to where a human sleeps. Typically, these places include the mattress, bed frame, furniture, and any other items that contains small places to hide. Many of these items cannot be treated with pesticides because of their proximity to people. The BB ALERT® O2PM treatment method provides an ideal solution for locations such as hotels, student housing, penal facilities and storage areas. Items to be cleaned are simply placed inside our special plastic “Flexibags”, the bags are sealed, and the oxygen is removed, which results in the non-toxic extermination of bed bugs.