• Metalaxyl is a systemic benzenoid fungicide used as a soil treatment for control of soil-borne pathogens. It can be used as a foliar spray for multiple crops in tropics such as confiers, turf and ornamentals. Active Ingredient: Metalaxyl
  • Metalaxyl MZ provides effective control of soil and foliar diseases in a wide range of crops in vegetables and ornamentals. It is an excellent fungicide that mainly target soil-borne diseases caused by Pythium and Phytophthora species. Active Ingredient: Metalaxyl+Mancozeb
  • Monceren is a non-systemic, protective fungicide with long lasting activity. The ingredient is characterized by specific activity against Rhizoctonia Solani. When used as a seed treatment, the product exhibits excellent efficacy against potato black scurf disease.
  • For control of black scurf in seed potatoes. Also for Fairy Ring control in Turf Monstar-Turf-2018-1
  • Propineb is a contact fungicide controls a while range of diseases of fruits, nuts, vegetables, orchids, field crops, turf and ornamentals.
  • PROSTAR fungicide is one of the top products for the control of brown patch. Its systemic mode of action prevents both normal fungal growth and the penetration of host tissue following infection. ProStar also provides excellent preventive and curative activity for fairy ring. Diseases Controlled: Brown Patch, Fairy Ring, Red Thread/Pink Patch, Yellow Patch/Southern Blight, Gray Snow Mold, Large Brown Patch. Active Ingredient: Flutalonil
  • Active Ingredient: Cyazofamid Segway® Fungicide SC is highly effective in protecting professionally managed turf areas, providing outstanding protection against Pythium disease over a period of 7 to 28 days, depending on the level of disease pressure. The active ingredient of Segway, cyazofamid, stops spores from germinating, preventatively inhibiting all stages of Pythium fungal development. WHAT IT DOES Segway controls: • Pythium root dysfunction • Pythium blight • Pythium damping-off Labeled for use in professionally managed turf areas, including: • Golf courses (tees, fairways and greens) • Sod farms • Seed farms • Cemeteries • Professionally managed sports fields • Residential lawns by professional applicators    
  • Soil fungicide for prevention and control of "Damping Off” caused by Pythium and Phytophthora in turf, ornamentals and nursery crops. Active Ingredient: Etriazole

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