• Amistar is a unique broad-spectrum fungicide whose novel mode of action has protectant systemic and antisporulant properties. It is effective when used to control a wide variety of diseases in leafy vegetables fruiting vegetables and ornamentals. Active Ingredient: Azoxystrobin
  • Benomyl is a systemic foliar fungicide registered for control of a wide range of diseases of fruits, nuts, vegetables and field crops. This fungicide controls Dutch elm disease in trees anthracnose and damping off. Active Ingredient: Benomyl
  • Carbendazim is a curative and preventive that comes with broad spectrum activity such as: Corynespora cassiicola, Microdochium nivale, Pseudocercosporella herpotrichoides and Sclerotinia sclerotiorum Botrytis ssp. Alternaria ssp. Cerospora ssp. Active Ingredient: Carbendazim.
  • Mancozeb is used to protect many fruit, vegetable, nut and field crops against a wide spectrum of diseases including potato blight, leaf spot, scab (on apples and pears) and rust (on roses). It is also used for seed treatment of cotton, potatoes, corn, safflower, sorghum, peanuts, tomatoes, flax and cereal grains (2 16 17). Mancozeb is not taken up from the soil by plants (6). It is a combination of two other chemicals of this class maneb and zineb. Active Ingredient: Mancozeb
  • Metalaxyl MZ provides effective control of soil and foliar diseases in a wide range of crops in vegetables and ornamentals. It is an excellent fungicide that mainly target soil-borne diseases caused by Pythium and Phytophthora species. Active Ingredient: Metalaxyl+Mancozeb
  • Metalaxyl is a systemic benzenoid fungicide used as a soil treatment for control of soil-borne pathogens. It can be used as a foliar spray for multiple crops in tropics such as confiers, turf and ornamentals. Active Ingredient: Metalaxyl
  • PROSTAR fungicide is one of the top products for the control of brown patch. Its systemic mode of action prevents both normal fungal growth and the penetration of host tissue following infection. ProStar also provides excellent preventive and curative activity for fairy ring. Diseases Controlled: Brown Patch, Fairy Ring, Red Thread/Pink Patch, Yellow Patch/Southern Blight, Gray Snow Mold, Large Brown Patch. Active Ingredient: Flutalonil
  • For the prevention and control of phytophthora rots in apples, avocados, ornamentals peaches and pineapples. Key Features Top A truly systemic fungicide. WG formulation reduces production of dust during mixing. Rapidly absorbed by plant roots and leaves and is translocated in both upwards and downwards directions. Has excellent crop safety at all growth stages. Active Ingredient: Foestyl-Al
  • Anvil is a systemic fungicide with protective and curative actions. Controls many fungal diseases, particularly those caused by Ascomycetes & basidiomycetes.
  • For use in disease control and plant health in the following crops: berries, brassica, bulb vegetables, cherry, cucurbit vegetables, filberts, fruiting vegetables, leafy vegetables, leaves of root and tuber vegetables, pistachio, root vegetables, and strawberries.
  • CuralanĀ® EG fungicide offers economical, effective dollar spot control in cool- and warm-season turfgrasses. Curalan also controls eight other diseases including brown patch, leaf spot, red thread and melting out. Curalan provides strong, preventative protection with a long residual that results in significant cost savings when compared to many other fungicides. Active Ingredient : Vinclozolin
  • Honor Intrinsic brand fungicide is a pre-mix fungicide provides two modes of action and delivers unsurpassed control of the top diseases that superintendents battle such as dollar spot, fairy ring, anthracnose, patch diseases (brown, take-all, and summer), leaf spots and many others. Intrinsic is a brand of products from BASF that provide disease control and plant health benefits.
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