• Amino Gold consist of amino acids chelates that stimulate and activate but, most importantly, they simplify the protein building process for the plant and the energy saved can be utilised elsewhere. This organic fertilizer consist of ocean fish materials that is slowly decomposed, using a proprietary microbial blend, until the protein content is reduced to amino acids. The active components of the fish remain and the micro-organisms used in the process also remain in the end product. In fact, these organisms, which include valuable fungi species, serve to stabilise and protect the completed product during storage. Amino Gold is an ideal base for DIY fertilisers, due to the potential for amino acid chelation.
  • Farmsaver Liquid Kelp is Australian Certified Organic (ACO) Registered Farm Input 456AI. Low price and high quality. Contains three different kelp species for growth promotion. These include: – Laminaria – Sargassum – Ascophyllum nodosum Farm Saver® Liquid Kelp can improve soil conditions and enhance water retention. Can improve both growth and flowering and is a powerful anti-stress tool.
  • Ajimax, an organic fertilizer, consists of chicken manure can improve the soil structure (aggregation) so that the soil holds more nutrients and water, and therefore becomes more fertile. Chicken manure also encourages soil microbial activity which promotes the soil's trace mineral supply, improving plant nutrition. It also contains some nitrogen and other nutrients which is essential for plant growth.
  • This fertilizer is made from chicken manure which has been treated and fortified with N: P: K: Mg (5: 5: 5: 1). It is suitable for all types of crops. Ideal for organic crop practitioners. The release of organic fertilizer is relatively slow and it does not damage the soil making the soil more “sustainable”, as the organic matter supplied to the soil will re-balance its biomass.

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