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  • Miracle Gro Leaf Shine cleans and beautifies all hard-leafed foliage plants such as: philodendron, ivy, snake plant, rubber plant and pothos dieffenbachia.
  • Miracle Gro Fruit & Citrus Tree Fertilizer Spikes is a convenient continuous-release feeding lasts all season to achieve more fruit and healthier citrus and fruit trees. Formulated with MicroMax® Nutrients (iron & maganese). Gives younger trees a healthy start. Delivers nutrients where trees need them most—right to the roots. Non-burning; won’t harm other plants.
  • Miracle Gro Shake 'n Feed Continuous Release Palm Plant Food creates lush darker green fronds on your outdoor palms. Contains magnesium iron and manganese to help prevent palm fronds from yellowing and curling so there’s no need to supplement. 1 jug covers an area of 135 square feet.
  • Promotes spectacular blooms, more color and strong root development for all your flowering, annuals, perennials trees and shrubs. Apply evenly to the soil approximately 1 tablespoon per square foot. Apply dry. Do not pre-mix with water.
  • Ready-to-use refill bottles are for use with the Miracle-Gro LiquaFeed Garden Feeder. Ideal for all types of flowers vegetables trees shrubs and lawns.
  • Ready-to-use refill bottles are pre-mixed and formulated for use with the Miracle-Gro LiquaFeed Garden Feeder. Safe to use on all flowering plants.
  • Miracle Gro Evergreen Tree Spikes conveniently delivers continuous-release feeding. Gives younger trees a healthy start. Delivers nutrients where trees need them—right to the roots. Non-burning; won’t harm other plants.
  • MiracleGro Singles comes in latest Pre-Measured packets. A quick no mess way to feed. Simply tear open the sachet and pour into watering can. Feed weekly or bi-weekly.
  • Simply attach the feeder to the garden hose, insert the refill bottle into the feeder and then spray plants and flowers. One refill bottle will feed 400 sq. ft. in approximately 15 minutes. For best results use every 7-14 days. Ideal for all types of flowers, vegetables, trees, shrubs and lawns. No mixing, no measuring, no mess. No more guessing when the plant food is gone — when the bottle empties, feeding is done. Automatically applies plant food evenly. This is a starter-kit with 2 plant food refill bottles.
  • Ready-to-use plant food — No mixing! No mess! Easy to use — Simply apply directly to the soil of container plants. Great for use on all types of houseplants and outdoor container plants.
  • Two great methods for feeding your garden… With the Miracle-Gro Garden Feeder: One feeder refill packet in the Miracle-Gro Garden Feeder will cover 500 sq. ft. in approximately 12 minutes. OR With a Watering Can: Mix 1 tablespoon of Miracle-Gro for every gallon of water. Whether you use a watering can or the Miracle-Gro Garden Feeder exact gallon measurements are not critical so do not worry if you use a little more. Indefinite Shelf Life.
  • Compressed nutrient-rich tablets supply all the nitrogen, phosphorus and potash needed by trees and horticulture plants for two years after transplanting. Also contain magnesium sulfur and iron. Greater amounts of nutrients are released during the active growing season when bacterial activity is greatest. Very little is released during the cool dormant season. Seedling roots mass around the tablet to absorb released nutrients allowing less fertilizer to leach away. Convenient tablets make it easy to control the amount of fertilizer and prevent seedlings from being “burned.” Tablets are available in 21-gram sizes. Suitable for aboriculture and nursery. For general landscaping with 1-gallon size plants and larger nursery stock. Also use for long-term feeding of young established trees and shrubs. Use one tablet for transplanting 1-gallon size plants two tablets for 5-gallon size plants and three to five tablets for 7-gallon size plants. For established trees and shrubs use one tablet per 1/2” trunk diameter. Carton of 500 Tablets.