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  • Muriate of Potash is an multi-purpose potash fertiliser that provides the main source of potassium to all chloride tolerant crops ie cereal oil sugar and fibre crops.Potash plays an important role in plant metabolism e.g. photosynthesis transport of assimilates protein formation enzyme activity and water balance. It promotes yield and quality of crops and prevents crops from biotic and abiotic stress. Adequate potassium nutrients improves yield and quality of as well as the shelf-life of crops.
  • Osmocote is the original brand of controlled release fertilizer. First introduced in the 1960s Osmocote quickly became the very first. Other companies have tried to match it but Scotts research and development has kept Osmocote Classic on the cutting edge of fertilizer technology. High-performance Osmocote Classic accurately delivers the selected balance of nitrogen phosphorous and potassium in each individual prill. Formulated for greenhouse nursery and landscaping applications. Osmocote Classic gives growers unmatched control and flexibility. How Osmocote Works? Every prill consists of a water-soluble nutrient granule coated with a thin semi-permeable resin. This coating controls the release of nutrients according to changes in soil temperature. More nutrients are released during warmer active growing periods and less in cooler inactive periods. Osmocote does not contain urea. Each prill contains the optimum balance of readily absorbed Nitrogen Phosphorus and Potassium which are being released together to promote greener healthier plants. Formula Available: 14-13-13 18-11-10 9-14-19+3MgO 15-10-12+TE (Osmocote Plus)
  • Suitable for beginning of vegetation Nitrogen/sulphur balanced Quick and comprehensive action of nutritive elements
  • Suited to crops that are sensitive to chloride. Absence of chloride which is conducive to microbial action in the soil. Balanced very complete formulae responding to the needs of the more demanding crops.
  • This fertilizer is preferably used for basic fertilization and to be used on plants with higher need for phosphorus and potassium at the beginning of growth season. Best used on foliage plants and fruiting trees.
  • This is a fertilizer is recommended especially for growers of sunflowers, potatoes, fruits and vegetables. Most suited for soils that are low in potassium content and in crops with extra potassium needs. This is a versatile fertilizer that can also be used as a base fertilizer during planting. For best results it is recommended to water the fertilizer into the soil after application.
  • Rosier 12-12-17+2 Blue provides a balanced fertilizer that meets the plants' demand for nutrient and replenishes the soil solution at flowering and early fruit-set. It also in balancing K:Ca+Mg in young developing fruit while providing adequate Nitrogen and Potassium for photosynthetic efficiency.
  • Bounceback is applied to new or established crops as alternative applications to manures & composts. This organic fertilizer is cost effective, provide consistent uniform nutrient application, are easy to handle & spread & most importantly, are produced in a controlled manner. This is a fully organic based product and comply with Australian BFA certification process. AVA approved.
  • Calcium Nitrate consist of fully water soluble nitrogen and calcium. The granules are free flowing which dissolves quickly in water without any residues. This fertilizer also comes in powder form. Calcium Nitrate is suitable to apply through all fertigation system or use as a foliage spray. Available in 25 kg packing.
  • Potassium Sulphate comes in fine crystalline powder that also provides readily available sulphur to crops. This fertilizer is free from other macronutrient and can be applied at any growing stages of the plant without excessive application of sulphur. SOP contains no elements detrimental to plants because it is free from chlorine compound sodium and heavy metals.
  • Urea can be applied to soil as a solid or solution or to certain crops as a foliar spray. Its usage involves little or no fire or explosion hazard and has high analysis 46% N helps reduce handling storage and transportation costs over other dry N forms. Urea when properly applied results in crop yield increases equal to other forms of nitrogen. Available in Prilled and Powder form.
  • Ferrous sulphate is commonly used in turf/lawn culture as a moss killing agent. Iron deficiency in pasture & crops is rare – where there is a deficiency it is usually related to low pH and poor drainage. This fertilizer comes in water soluble form so can be sprayed onto marginally deficient crops when or sometimes used as a soil acidifying agent. Market gardeners often include Fe in mixes as it enhances the green colour in plant leaves.